Helpful hints to make your packing and storing experience easier!
1.   Pack like a professional: Wrap dishes and stemware individually. Cover mirrors and glass to avoid scratching. Clothing should be packed into boxes. Do not wrap items in plastic as it may retain moisture.
2.   Select medium, uniform size boxes that are easy to handle, sturdy and easy to stack. Label each box on the side and top for easy identification.
3.   When packing toys or smaller objects, remember to fill boxes completely, stuffing open areas with plain newspaper to prevent collapsing when stacked.
4.   Use furniture drawers to hold fragile items. Wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper.
5.   Leave a few inches of air space around the inside perimeter of the unit to promote airflow. Place wooden strips or pallets on the floor to protect against moisture. Stack heavy unbreakable items on the bottom and lighter and fragile items on the top.
6.   Place items you may need near the front of the unit.
7.   Use fabric covers to protect upholstery from dust.
8.   Wipe tools with a lightly oiled cloth to inhibit rust.
9.   Do not store food, perishables or plants, flammable explosives, toxic or corrosive materials.
10.   Drain lawn mowers and gasoline engines prior to storage.
11.   Use trashcans to store shovels, rakes and other garden tools.
12.   When storing business files, label all boxes and arrange aisles so files are easily seen and accessible.